The only canned responses app you’ll need for outstanding customer service across the board.

Every company faces the same issue: providing consistent and efficient customer service. lazytype is a unified solution to answer your customers quickly and more efficiently on all of your channels.

Manage all your responses from one beautiful app, reuse them easily on all your customer service channels, and translate them in a breeze. Your team and your customers will thank you!

Type less, say more.

Choose your favorite shortcut to popup a quick search bar to copy the canned response you need. Save time by selecting the language you need in a keystroke, or create a new quick answer.

Translation, made easy!

lazytype supports translation in 180 languages out of the box. Managing your canned responses translation has never been easier.

Write once. Reuse multiple times!

lazytype offers everything you need to optimize your workflow. Reuse your previous canned responses to create templates that will stay up to date even if you change your header or signature.

You can also use custom replace tags that will dynamically be changed for another piece of information, for instance, your email or your name.

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